Hey! I’m Tim MacDonald, a freelance software developer based in Wagga Wagga (regional New South Wales), Australia. Thanks for dropping by!

I am a freelance software developer building quality software solutions for projects large and small. My passion is web apps that connect and talk with mobile iOS and Android apps. If you have a business problem and would like to talk about how a custom software solution could help automate and alleviate the issue, please do get in touch with me.

If you are looking for a corporate website - don’t look any further - I haven’t lost my knack for that. Feel free to drop me a line and we can discuss your needs and work out a solution to suit.

From The Top

For several years, a friend and I ran Wagga Wagga Web, a corporate web development business. The business focused mainly on WordPress projects, but took on anything tech related we could get our hands dirty with. Having produced my fair share of business websites, I decided it was time to break out of the world of corporate website design using platforms like WordPress and embrace more full-featured frameworks like Laravel to produce web based apps.

I landed a position working with the Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC) on their language revitalisation program, building software to help preserve and maintain Indigenous languages throughout Australia. During my time there I built native iOS and Android apps that interact with a Laravel API back-end, as well as a web front-end. The system was built as a cookie cutter so additional language groups can benefit from these great tools and have their own apps rapidly produced.

After developing the language software system while working at the WCC, I decided it was time to go out on my own and start helping other national and local clients create their own software solutions to help automate and make their businesses more productive and streamlined. I now specialise in web app and mobile app development and have clients locally and nationally - it has been a fantastic ride and if you’d like to work with me - drop me a line and we’ll build you something amazing!

Community Involvement

I very much enjoy being apart of the Wagga Wagga (and regional) developer community whenever possible. Hoping to add a few more notches to the belt over the coming years, but here are a few things to get started:

If you have an event on and are looking for someone with developer / programming skills to help out, I’d love for you to reach out and let me know about it.

The Blog

Having never blogged and not having a large local developer community to be apart of, I’ve decided to jump into the blogging world. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

My articles are just general musings of things I’ve stumbled upon along the way through my learning and exploration of PHP, the Laravel framework, and any front-end / iOS / Android goodies I manage to get my hands on / head around.

Thanks for dropping by!