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Freelance software developer, musician and native plant enthusiast.

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I've found that introducing dedicated response objects that can return different response formats is a really nice pattern to cleanup my controllers

If you are creating a Laravel app with subscriptions via Stripe - Laravel Cashier might just be the helping hand you were looking for.

Using Spatie's Laravel Backup package you can backup several sites on a server from a single app install, including Laravel apps and WordPress sites.

I've recently been getting more and more requests to get paper forms converted into digital versions, so I thought I'd put together this post to explain some of the advantages and possibilities digital forms open up.

Created a foreign key validation rule for the Laravel Validator, that helps wrap up the 'exists' rule with a bit of syntactic sugar. Probably not fantastic to work with in the traditional fashion, but using the rule builder looks gooooood!

I've got a weird fascination with using the identical operator (===) for comparisons so I am always casting all my foreign keys to integers...and that gets old real quick, so added this to my base model. Also saves me casting in my api transformers!

A little trick I've been implementing recently to ensure that data accessed from a Laravel request object has first been validated.

Having never written a shell script before, I thought I'd try and level up by writing a simple deployment script for my website and my clients websites. The outcome: FlipItâ„¢

Laravel validation rules are great, but wouldn't it be awesome if there was a fluent interface for ALL the rules. Well, that's what I've put together. If you love chaining methods, and dig Laravel validation, you'll enjoy this fluent validation package.

If you're in the Riverina and wanna meetup to discuss all things software - join our local developer meetup.